Active Planet are delivering Futsal sessions all across West London in primary and secondary schools, local leisure centres, local estates and with this now have their very own Futsal development squad for talented 8 to 12 year olds who play matches against teams in the surrounding area.
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What is Futsal ?
The main differences from regular 11-a- side footballs are as follows:
  Encourages skilful play
  Emphasis on team work
  Unlimited substitutions that can be made at any time during match
  Teams are penalised if they accumulate more than five fouls
  The Futsal ball is smaller and has a lower bounce that a football. This contributes to quick passing and dribbling.
  No restriction on the ball going over head height nor on players entering the penalty area.
"I spent a lot of time training at Gremio. After training I went to play Futsal, after that I'd play with my friends in the street" -Ronaldinho

"In Argentina, when I was a young boy, I used to play a lot of Futsal. It was a really nice game that's helped me a great deal" - Messi

"The technique of playing futsal is different to the eleven-a-side version; there are spectacular things you can attempt in futsal that you would not dare trying in football. It adds more fun to the discipline." - Zidane
If you are interested in Futsal and want to find out more contact us: or check out
Les Ferdinand at Old Oak
Friday 10 August at the Old Oak Centre

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